Travelling gavel in safe keeping for the Summer recess

As this was the last meeting of the current Masonic season for De Bon Cuer Lodge No 6984, the Travelling Gavel made an appearance.  It was to be handed over to the Worshipful Master Gordon McKay by Brother Patrick Martindale, Worshipful Master of Euxton Lodge No 7192. The event was witnessed by 40 brethren of which, there were a good number of visitors present.

Just prior to the closing of the lodge, Gordon McKay rose for the last time to enquire if anyone had ought to propose for the good of Freemasonry in general or De Bon Cuer Lodge No 6984 in particular. There being no further announcements this was the cue for Patrick to stand and transfer the custody of the Travelling Gavel. Patrick suggested that as this was the last hand over for the season, Gordon should take extra care when placing it on the mantel piece at home for safe keeping. He said that Gordon should look after the Gavel as if it were his own and dust and polish it off ready for the season ahead. He thanked De Bon Cuer for their hospitality thus far, and was more than happy to join them at the festive board with the members of his lodge.

De Bon Cuer Lodge had been honoured to have 14 visitors, nine of whom came from Euxton Lodge.

It was suggested that, as De Bon Cuer Lodge do not meet during the summer recess, it is likely that it will be October 2015 before it can be passed on.

Also, the next hand over of the gavel could well be a special moment in the Gavel’s travels as the WM who received it will not necessarily be the WM who hands it on…Gordon will by this time not be the Worshipful Master of the Lodge due to the lodge installation being the next event in the new season’s calendar and therefore another Worshipful Master of the lodge will pass it on.  Bill Briggs was elected as Master Elect for the next Masonic Season and will be installed into the Chair of King Solomon in September.

Rest assured, the Gavel will be well looked after and is to be safely locked away.

Leyland Travelling gavel in safe keeping for the Summer recess Pic1

Pictured from left to right, are: Patrick Martindale presents the Travelling Gavel to Gordon McKay