TLC Houghton Weavers stand up

TLC Houghton Weavers stand up Pic1

The Houghton Weavers

Houghton Weavers were guests at the latest Teddies for Loving Care social night.  What an excellent night it was too. The folk band who normally sing “sit thi deawn” had everybody but sitting down. There was foot tapping, hand clapping and singing in the audience who really showed their appreciation at every opportunity.

All the hard work had paid off and thanks go to Mike Knowles for organising the night for TLC.  Not only were the Houghton Weavers the main attraction but Mike had also arranged for the TLC Spring Draw to be drawn on the night. There were four happy winners.

Thanks also go to Bill Bruce from the Chorley Group and Alan Howarth from the Preston Group, who both assisted Mike in his endeavours in raising funds via the draw.  Having also received some ad hoc donations, the night in all raised £1440.

TLC Houghton Weavers stand up Pic2

The audience look on as they are entertained

The Chairman thanks everyone who attended the event, the Houghton Weavers and all who supported the Spring Draw. He also thanks everyone who worked behind the scenes and in particular the staff of Wellington Park for providing the facilities and hosting the event.

Look out for the next TLC event which is coming in October 2014.