Leyland Lights Tercentenary Cycle

This event, as well as the Tercentenary year, is now complete however you can still donate to the MCF.

Just follow the links below by clicking on the logos.

The Cycle event went from Wellington Park, Leyland to United Grand Lodge, Great Queen Street, London


Thank you to all those who supported Leyland Lights cycling team in their fantastic feat


Leyland Lights Cycle Event

Leave Wellington Park, Leyland on Monday 17th April at 08:00 am

via Wilmslow where lunch will be taken at the 40 mile mark, then another 34 mile and

Arrive at Stone Masonic Hall, Staffordshire at approximately 4.30 pm

Distance Approx : 74 miles

Leave Stone Masonic Hall on Tuesday 18th April at 08:00 am

via Atherstone rail station at the 44 mile mark and the remaining 36

Arrive Daventry Masonic Hall, Northamptonshire at approx 4:30 pm

Distance Approx : 80 miles

Leave Daventry Masonic Hall on Wednesday 19th April at 08:00 am

via a 43 mile cycle to Leighton Buzzard for lunch and then another 44 miles to

Arrive United Grand Lodge of England, Great Queen Street, London at approx 4:30 pm

Distance Approx : 87 miles

Total cycling distance Approx : 241 miles

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