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Meetings:  2nd Tuesday – October, November, December, January, February, April, May.

Installation:  2nd Tuesday – March

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Secretary: TBC

Lodge History:

Farington Lodge History

 The First 50 Years


The Lodge Committee having been duly formed proclaimed, “That the pur­pose of the Lodge was to give local men the opportunity to join the Freema­sons.” The residential qualification was within a five mile radius of Leyland. The annual subscription was £3.00.

Seven of the 13 Founders were members of Leyland Lodge – the Mother Lodge. Four Founders were market gardeners, symbolised by the plough and sheaf of corn on the Lodge Summons. The Church of St. Paul’s, Farington is also shown. The vicar Bro H. V. Whitley was the first initiate.

At the Consecration of the lodge the Provincial Grand Master, WBro W.S.S. Hanney, expressed his doubts and concerns for the future well-being of a Lodge with only 13 Founders. Thankfully these doubts were unfounded as after five years the Lodge had 43 members, three of these are still members of the Lodge. There was also a list of 29 would-be candi­dates. All ceremonies with the exception of one, including the third degree, were worked with two candidates, In the following years all ceremonies with a few exceptions, were worked with single candidates.

In April 1954 WBro T.Hargreaves PGD accepted an Honorary Membership of the Lodge. In May 1956 Bro J.W.Blackwell “The man with the tenor voice” was initiated. At the festive boards, until he moved out of the area, he would entertain the brethren from his large repertoire. Bro W.Bamford the joint first initiate, died in November 1958. For 20 years commencing in March 1960 with WBro J.Bamber, a gold – tooled leather book recording each Worshipful Master’s Mastership was bound by Bro F.W.Sanderson and presented to each retir­ing Master by the newly installed Master.

The lodge subscription was increased to four Guineas in 1958.

In 1966 the Lodge voted in favour of waitresses at the Festive Board, costing one shilling per head. Previously the Stewards of the Loge collected meals from the kitchen and delivered them to the tables. The following year the price of the meals was increased from 6/61 to 8/6d to include the cost of waitresses.

WBro A.Welch was appointed the first Almoner of the Lodge in 1967. WBro G.Bates was made the second honorary member in 1969. He had been the guest organist for the previous seven years.

Non-dining membership was introduced in 1975. Four of the remaining five Founders were made honorary members in 1976, in the same year subscrip­tions were raised from £16 to £19. In 1978 the monthly meetings were re­duced from nine to eight in each year, omitting the September meeting. At some period before 1979 a box containing a full set of chromium plated work­ing tools was placed on the floor of the Lodge. WBro J.A.Ford was the chief instigator although, several members were involved.

In 1979, 25 years of the Lodge were marked by the presentation by WBro E.Allison, on behalf of the Social Committee, of a pedestal cushion and fall embroidered in silver. There were now 77 members in the lodge. WBro F.Cowburn PSGD, APrGM. accepted Honorary Member­ship of the Lodge in 1986. Four new wands were presented to the Lodge by WBro D.J.Lund in 1987.

Also, in 1987 a proposition to divide the subscriptions “that payment for meals should be at the festive Board and not included in the annual subscription” was de­feated, as it had previously in 1982.

In 1989 money was donated to the New Building Fund. The Lodge moved into the new building, Wellington Park, in May 1990. WBro R.Plant, PPrASupt of Works donated five new chairs. WBro W.K.Bamber, PPrJGD, the last remaining Founder, accepted hon­orary Membership in 1994. In the same year, WBro E.H.Ford, PPrJGW. was installed in the Chair for the second time, being the only brother ever to do so. WBro G.Cobham presented the Lodge with a new pedestal Bible.

In 1995 Bro E. M.Kenyon, PPrAGOrg, the organist for the past 25 years, retired from that office. He was succeeded by WBro D.R.Dixon, PPrJGD. Loyalty Cards were introduced by the Leylnad Masonic Halls Association, LMHA, for all members in 1999. A Lodge Banner, subscribed to by all Members, was dedicated with dignified ceremony in May 2000.

At the present time the Lodge has 40 members, five of whom are PPrJGW. Over the past 25 years there has been a steady flow of initiates, with natural depletion exceeding the intake. The lodge is in good shape, all Wor­shipful masters except the Founders and three joining Members having been initiated into the Lodge.