Euxton Lodge No 7192

Euxton Lodge Banner

Euxton Lodge Banner


Meetings: 1st Wednesday – September, November, December, February, March, April, May

Installation: 1st Wednesday = October

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Secretary: Norman Cox

Lodge History:

The Lodge was consecrated in 1952 as a daughter Lodge of New Hall Lodge No 5940 and a Granddaughter Lodge of Carnarvon Lodge No 2376. Our Great Grandmother lodge is Hesketh Lodge No 986

It was at the Regular Meeting of New Hall Lodge on 20 February 1952 when W.Bro R. E. Tomlinson P.Pr.G.D. proposed that “this Lodge be the sponsor of the proposed new Lodge to be named Euxton Lodge”. It is with appreciation that we note that this proposition was carried.

On a sadder historical note it was at that same meeting that the Worshipful Master announced a period of Masonic Mourning occasioned by the death of Most Worshipful Brother His late Most Gracious Majesty King George VI

Prior to this the prospective founders had met on 14 December 1951 for the purpose of electing a Founders’ Committee and Chairman, together with the other officers and required appointments. It was resolved that W. Bro Tomlinson be the Chairman and W. Bro Barton the Secretary. W. Bro. Tomlinson went on to become the W.M. Designate and the first Master of Euxton Lodge.

As a point of interest the Annual Subscription was set in 1952 at three guineas, (£3.15 in decimal currency!)

Subsequently several more Founders’ meetings took place and at these it was resolved that the now very familiar Lodge Crest should be designed based on Euxton Parish Church.

The first three Candidates, Mr. A. J. Baron, Mr. T. Alker, and Mr. C. Sharples, were interviewed at those meetings and in due course were initiated as members of the then new Euxton Lodge.

The Lodge Consecration took place at the old Leyland Masonic Hall, Towngate, on 24 October 1952 and the Founding Members are shown on this page.

All of those Founding members are now deceased but we, the current members of Euxton Lodge, hope and trust that we have kept alive the principles which led them to lay down the Foundation of our Lodge.


The Banner is based on the Lodge Crest displayed on the front of every summons and depicts the Parish Church of Euxton, as it appeared in 1952.

Euxton itself is a very ancient settlement and dates back at least to Roman times when it was important as the crossing place of the River Yarrow by the road from Chester.

Between the 5th and 10th centuries it became established as an Anglo-Saxon agricultural community.

In the following centuries it developed into an important centre and in 1301 Edward I granted a Market Charter.

The original church also dates from that century when it was a pre-reformation Catholic “chapel-of-ease” to Leyland Parish Church.

It was rebuilt in 1573 by the Molyneux family and at the beginning of the 18th Century was transferred to the Established Church.

In 1837 the chancel was built, in 1989 a new vestry was added and in 1998 the new porch was completed. These later developments do not appear on the Lodge Summons of 1952 nor on the Lodge Banner.

During the period of Euxton Lodge’s association with the Church the Centenary of the Parish was celebrated.

It is interesting to note that the three main churches in Euxton work together in close harmony to care for the young, elderly, and infirm, through a voluntary organisation called “Careline.”

The Banner was made by Mrs. Joan Singleton of Penwortham to whom the Lodge extends its grateful thanks.