Travelling Gavel

Stories of the Chairman’s Travelling Gavel around the group

  • Carnarvon pass on the gavel

    The Chairman’s Travelling Gavel made an appearance over at Leyland Masonic Hall recently when it was handed over to White Hills Lodge No 5209

  • Travelling gavel in safe keeping for the Summer recess

    As this was the last meeting of the current Masonic season for De Bon Cuer Lodge No 6984, the Travelling Gavel made an appearance.  It was to be handed over to the Worshipful Master Gordon McKay by Brother Patrick Martindale, Worshipful Master of Euxton Lodge No 7192. The event was witnessed by 40 brethren of […]

  • The Chairmans Gavel goes to the Chairmans lodge

    The host of the Chairman’s Travelling Gavel is now Leyland St Andrews Lodge No 7391 and it was presented to Trevor Brooks, Worshipful Master following an excellent Initiation ceremony. This lodge is also the Group’ Chairman’s lodge and he stated that he ‘didn’t anticipate seeing it so soon following the inaugural presentation back in October […]

  • Eccleston host travelling gavel

    Alistair Milner received the gavel on behalf of the brethren of Eccleston Lodge No 7754 from David Topping WM of Longton Lodge No 6237.

  • Travelling Gavel goes to Longton

    Following the inaugural presentation of the Travelling Gavel on Monday 6 October 2014, the Worshipful Master of Leyland Hesketh Lodge No 986 was accompanied by 7 visiting brethren.

  • Chairman’s Travelling Gavel

    The Leyland Group of Lodges are entering into the spirit of visiting each others lodges, within the Group. The Chairman’s Gavel will be given to the first host lodge in October 2014.