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Meetings:  2nd Monday – October, November, January, February, March, April, May

Installation: 2nd Monday – December

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Consecrated 12th December, 1890

1890 to 1990


I am pleased to have been given the opportunity of writing a Foreword  to the History of Carnarvon Lodge No 2376 – a history compiled by the late W. Bro. Ernest Bullivant, P.A.G,D.C. and W. Bro. M.S. Cowburn, P.Pr.S.G.D.

It is sad that Bro. Bullivant, a well beloved and highly respected member of the Lodge and indeed the Province, died before the Lodge celebrated its centenary.

The History is detailed, interesting and informative of the past one hundred years of the lodge and it is a credit to both Brethren who compiled it.

In the Oration given by the Consecrating Chaplain, we learn that he exalted the members of the Lodge to strive and maintain the principles of charity; to be faithful exponents of the moral features of which he reminded them, and to follow in the footsteps of the exalted Brother, after whom the Lodge had been named – the Fourth Earl of Carnarvon.

Those principles and moral features are as important and true today as they were one hundred years ago, and as Freemasons and men we should so conduct our lives and actions in all that we do, so as to conform fully thereto.

The Lodge has numbered many eminent Masons who, through the years, have molded and nurtured the Lodge.  They have given of their time, advice assistance, and no doubt, when necessary, their monition.  To those Brethren and of course, the Founders, the Lodge owes much – May they never be forgotten.

I wish the Lodge well for the future, and its Members every happiness and joy, and I look forward to taking part in the Centenary Celebrations.


Kenneth E. Moxley


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