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Handed in Warrant: November 2013

“Sadly, after nearly 54 years in existence Withy Lodge, No. 7733, reluctantly took the decision to hand in its Warrant. This took place at the final meeting of the Lodge which, by dispensation, was held on Friday, 7th November 2014 at Wellington Park, Leyland.

In line with the wishes of the Founders, the Lodge was never allowed to grow too big throughout its history – around 30 to 35 members. Despite a really successful patch in recent years when at one stage there were all ‘light blue’ brethren in each of the progressive offices, a significant number of deaths and resignations forced the members to think about its sustainability, future and longer-term vibrancy, and thus the decision was taken to close.

A photo shows the members who attended the final meeting in their DJs and another of those present at the 50th Anniversary Celebration. To mark the Lodge’s 50th year, a booklet was produced that built on the first 25 year history compiled by W.Bro. Ron Robinson. This can be accessed by clicking on the link below:”

PDF format : Withy_Lodge_History