Study Circle

Leyland Masonic Discussion and Research Group


Membership is open to all brethren who are Master Masons.  Entered Apprentice and Fellowcraft Masons will be entitled to attend when the occasions are appropriate.

The initial aims of the LMD&RGroup are, in general:

  • to provide a relaxed forum in which brethren can explore the wider aspects of Freemasonry, beyond the confines of their own formal lodge meetings, through the mediums of presentations, talks, discussion, participation in demo teams, through visits, and so on
  • to provide an opportunity for particular brethren to present topics, papers or seminars on subjects which interest them
  • to seek advice and assistance from experienced colleagues.

If you are interested in the history of Leyland Group of Lodges and Chapters or, you simply want to learn more about Freemasonry.  Come along and take part in this general and open discussion group. All Freemasons welcome.


Check the following link for the next meeting:  LMD&RGroup