Preston and Chorley TLC Scheme

TLC Mascot

TLC Mascot

Teddies for Loving Care

Registered Charity No 1087765

Raising Funds for the Supply of Teddies to A & E Units

for Children in Severe Distress.

An Appeal Fund Supported by local Freemasons

A Message from Robert Olive – Chairman

Brethren here we are at the end of our third year and with the wonderful support of Leyland, Chorley, Preston and South Fylde Masons we have supplied 12,960 hospital bears to Preston and Chorley Children’s A&E departments.

The cost of the bears was some £16,996.16.  The Teddy per hospital ratio was about 2 to 1, where Preston A&E took the larger number than Chorley.  It is fair to say that without your support this would not have happened.  You should therefore, all be proud to have supported a community project where Freemasons can be seen to be actively working in the community. For those of us who had the pleasure of delivering the bears we can ‘bear’ testament to the glowing endorsements of the staff to the scheme.  No doubt many happier children, parents and siblings have benefited from your support.

Whist we have had a successful three years we would like you to continue to support this wonderful scheme into the future.  This continued support can be achieved either through your lodge or as individuals.  So, please do remember TLC in your annual giving plans.

Would you also please consider appointing a TLC representative via whom we can keep you up to date with future developments?

Should you require further information or indeed if you would like a 10 minute presentation to your lodge I would be more than happy to arrange this.


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