Double celebration at Red Rose of Lancashire

There were two celebrations taking place over at Leyland Masonic Hall with both related to the Red Rose of Lancashire Lodge No 9640 and both celebrations being hosted at the same meeting.

Derek Parkinson (left) congratulates Hughie Jones on becoming master.

The first celebration was the installation ceremony of their new master, Hughie Jones. The second celebration was that of the lodge celebrating its 21st birthday following their consecration in October 1997.

The first celebration, the installation, took prime place as this was the real highlight of the evening. The meeting was well attended and the members and visitors included the Deputy Provincial Grand Master Philip Gunning and no less than three Assistant Provincial Grand Masters; Stewart Seddon, David Winder and Derek Parkinson who was the principle guest at the meeting. There was also a good turnout of acting Provincial grand officers.

The lodge was opened by Robert ‘Bob’ Olive in his own inimitable manner before getting to the installation part of the ceremony.

Without much ado, Hughie was installed, and was sitting proudly in the chair of King Solomon. He invested all of his officers before Derek, on behalf of Tony Harrison Provincial Grand Master, congratulated Hughie, the installing past master Bob and all new officers on taking their roles.

Pictured from left to right, are: Philip Gunning, Derek Parkinson and Hughie Jones keeping a watchful eye on the birthday cake

He said that if Tony had been present, he would have thanked Bob for his year in the chair and expressed his hope that Hughie has good health for the coming year.

The lodge was then closed and all visitors and members retired to the dining room to continue the celebration and of course to enjoy the second part of the celebration; the lodge’s birthday. This was always going to take a secondary significance over the installation of Hughie, however a birthday cake had been baked and was presented for the lodge. Each diner took a small slice of the cake by way of celebration.

Congratulations were offered to the lodge and their current master, Hughie with best wishes for the next 21 years.

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