Carnarvon donate £500 to maternity fund

As Dick Griffiths WM of Carnarvon Lodge No 2376 neared the end of his year in the chair at the helm of the lodge, he was pleased to be able to authorise a presentation of a cheque to be made to Southport and Ormskirk Maternity Unit. The donation was to go to the Southport and Ormskirk Maternity Enrichment Charitable Fund specifically, and the cheque was written out for the sum of £500. There was only one issue when a date came up on the diary it was the same date as the lodge installation which meant that there could be no representative from the lodge to present the cheque. So, in stepped the WM’s wife Helen.

Angie Cullen (left) receiving the Carnarvon Lodge donation from Helen Griffiths.

Angie Cullen (left) receiving the Carnarvon Lodge donation from Helen Griffiths.

Helen as it happens is a midwife at the Southport and Ormskirk maternity unit and offered to present the cheque on behalf of the lodge and as the WM’s lady. The presentation was done at a Bereavement Study Day at the Maternity unit and the cheque was received on behalf of the charity by Angie Cullen, Bereavement Lead Midwife at the maternity unit.

Angie said that: “the money would be put into the charity fund which is predominantly used for furnishings and equipment at the bereaved facility of the maternity unit.” Here the facilities are used by grieving parents who can be with their baby who has sadly died in, or soon after, childbirth. The facility offers a peaceful environment for the bereaved parents to spend time with their dead child. Angie went on to say on behalf of the fund, that she was thrilled to be able to accept the cheque and thanked the Freemasons of Carnarvon Lodge for their very generous donation.

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