Leyland Lights



Leyland Lights is a “Light Blue Club” for the Leyland and District Group of Lodges

The club was launched on Thursday, 1 September 2016


The Leyland Lights club is an informal forum for Masons within the Leyland and District Group of Lodges who have yet to attain Provincial Grand Rank. It has been established to enable Light Blue Masons to meet socially, discuss Masonic issues and to enjoy one another’s company.

Membership is automatic and free for all new and Light Blue Masons and Lodge Mentors.

The Club provides a good opportunity for younger and more junior members to get together across different Lodges and offers a great way to meet fellow Brethren in a different setting from that of a Lodge meeting. Check out our social media pages from the links below.


Leyland Lights Facebook page

Leyland Lights  Twitter  page

To find out more about the club download your Welcome to Leyland Lights guide.


Please visit the Leyland Lights pages regularly for an update on our progress and to check out our upcoming events.