Leyland Lights get spiced up



Phil and Nigel on the left with Alan on the right all from Longton lodge

The next night out on the Leyland Lights calendar was a curry night. Again this event was organised solely by John Anderson Events Secretary and a very big well done and thank you go to him for what turned out to be another most enjoyable night. John not only organised the night out but he also recommended the location which was a brave thing to do – he did say that he had been a regular since the restaurant opened almost 20 years ago so, we just had to go and try it. On the night, seventeen of the Leyland Lights joined him at the Viceroy Indian restaurant in Leyland which, being an event so close to the festive season this was a good turnout.

Everyone arrived at the restaurant for 7pm prompt where welcome drinks were ordered and the brethren met and chatted with ‘new faces’. The tables had been prepared in advance of their arrival and eighteen places were set down the centre of the restaurant. Once everyone had arrived the lights were ushered to the table and their food orders placed. Starters and main courses came and went and all was washed down with a few of the brethren’s favourite drinks. The camaraderie between old friends and new began to flourish with conversation about both masonic and everyday topics like football, Christmas, work and friendships. There were three, soon to be, new members taking the opportunity to be involved and have a good time meeting with their new friends. In total there were 8 lodges from the Leyland Group represented on the night which is a good cross section of the group.

Following the meal, and whilst a number of the party ventured home, a smaller group of the Lights continued their evening out with a few more sherbet and lemonades at a couple of hostelries further along the road.

The food was excellent!! The camaraderie was excellent!!

No doubt the next event will be another social event and this time will include wives and partners. Only John knows the time and the location although, I’m sure it will be advertised very soon.


Neil and Wayne enjoying the eveningRick getting carried away ...... whilst Neil finds the curry a little over powering !!
Harry and Carl pause for a pictureRick and Mark toast the night