Eccleston host travelling gavel

Pictured from left to right, are: David presents the gavel to Alistair

Pictured from left to right, are: David presents the gavel to Alistair

There were quite a number of visitors present at Wellington Park, Leyland, witnessing the handover of the Travelling Gavel on the next stage of its journey around the Leyland Group of Lodges. This time it was Alistair Milner receiving it on behalf of the brethren of Eccleston Lodge No 7754 from David Topping WM of Longton Lodge No 6237, who brought along 7 of those visitors.

The evening started by Alistair opening the lodge and as this was his first as WM he was understandably nervous. He shouldn’t have been though as he carried off his new office with what seemed like confidence to spare. Once Alistair had completed the business of the lodge, the brethren were treated to a talk which was presented by Wayne Pearson.  The talk was entitled ‘The Foundations of Masonry as we Know it Today’. The presentation started off at the building of King Solomon’s temple with able assistance from the Phoenicians, to the Roman Collegia which then aided its spread across the globe. Freemasonry hence came to our shores when churches and similar buildings were erected via the formation of lodges. The talk was thought provoking and concise and Alistair thanked Wayne for presenting, and for his time and effort researching, the topic.

Just before the lodge was closed, David Topping presented the gavel to Alistair and thanked the brethren of Eccleston lodge for making the Longton, and other visitors, stay an enjoyable one. David quipped that Longton lodge ‘meet the following week’ and ‘Alistair couldn’t give it back’. He congratulated Wayne on his presentation and was even more intrigued and wanted to learn more about the history of freemasonry. Alistair thanked David and the visitors for attending and for making the evening a special one.  He promised to take good care of the gavel until the next custodian takes it on.

The lodge was closed and all brethren reconvened in the dining room for a festive board and good camaraderie.


The next stop for the gavel is : Leyland St Andrews Lodge No 7391 on 27th January 2015

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Alistair surrounded by the visiting Longton brethren