Cuerden welcome Lee Jackson

Leyland Cuerden welcome Lee Jackson Pic3

Pictured from left to right, are: Ian Hainsworth, Lee Jackson, Michael Hainsworth and Peter Hainsworth

Initiations are fewer in number compared to days gone by so when there is one, the meeting is usually well attended.  This meeting was no different and it was yet another family affair over in Leyland Masonic Hall.  Cuerden Lodge No 6018 had recently initiated a young member of the Hainsworth family and they were doing so again for an extended family’ member.  This time it was for Lee Jackson who is the brother in law of Michael Hainsworth the lodge’s previous initiate.

The lodge was opened by their Worshipful Master, Steve Grimshaw, who executed the business of the lodge in time honoured fashion.  He then asked whether the initiate had signed the necessary documents and paid the relevant dues to which both the Secretary and Treasurer acknowledged with confirmation.

Leyland Cuerden welcome Lee Jackson Pic2

Pictured from left to right, are: Lee Jackson, Steve Grimshaw WM and Michael Woods

The next part of the ceremony was introduced and then conducted by Steve as he initiated Lee without any nerves.  The working tools of the first degree were presented by Michael Hainsworth who, as a young man and junior freemason, showed maturity in his presentation. The Charge following the initiation was shared by brothers Ian and Peter Hainsworth; Lee’s father in law and uncle in law respectively.

Chris Blackwell, member of Cuerden lodge and Vice Chairman of the Leyland Group of lodges and chapters welcomed Lee in to the lodge on behalf of the Leyland group.  He wished Lee every success as a freemason and bid that he have a very happy Masonic career.

The lodge closed and everyone present at the meeting re convened at in the dining room for the festive board.  All members and visitors welcomed Lee into Cuerden lodge where it was hoped he would have a very long and enjoyable Masonic career.