Chorley Emulation Lodge of Instruction No 72

Meetings:       Leyland Masonic Hall

1st Friday – September, November, January, March, May, July

  Chorley Masonic Hall

1st Tuesday – October, December, February, April, June

Secretary : Jayson Jackson :

Lodge Aims:

The Chorley Emulation Lodge of Instruction No 72 serves both Leyland and Chorley districts. The Lodge meets on alternate first Friday and first Tuesday of each month (August excluded) at Leyland and Chorley Masonic Halls respectively, commencing September.

The aim of the Lodge is to support those brethren beginning their climb up the Masonic ladder, helping them to gain knowledge of and confidence in speaking, Masonic Ritual. A Brother may practice any office of the Lodge from Tyler to Master, indeed many Brethren have found it useful to practice their next step on the Masonic ladder, for example practice the Senior Wardens chair whilst in the Junior Wardens chair.

During the season we will work the Installation Ceremony, the First Degree and Charge, the Second Degree and Tracing Board, and the Third Degree and Traditional History, opening and closing in full at all meetings.

Whilst the workings will be in accordance with Emulation Ritual there is no intent to change individual practices of particular Lodges. On the occasion were instances of individual Lodge Ritual not being in accordance with Emulation Ritual, these are met with the words “If that’s what you do in your Lodge continue to do so in your Lodge”.

Your first attendance at our meetings will cost you the princely sum of 50 pence. Should you enjoy the evening and wish to become a regular member then subscriptions are annually £5.00 with 50 pence at each meeting.