Chairman’s Travelling Gavel

 MONDAY 6th OCTOBER 2014 !

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The Chairman’s Travelling Gavel Starts the Journey around the Leyland Group


The Leyland Group of Lodges are entering into the spirit of visiting each others lodges within the Group and with a Gavel donated by the Group Secretary, Mike Pinckard.

The Gavel will be presented by the Group Chairman, Stewart Seddon, together with 5 of his Group officers to the Master of the first ‘host’ lodge ( Hesketh Lodge No 986 ) in October 2014. It will then be the duty of the Hesketh lodge’ Master, currently Ian Smith, to choose within one month another ‘host’ lodge in the Group to attend and pass the Gavel on.

The Master in possession will likewise take with him 5 of his members and present the gavel to the next ‘host’ Master and brethren. The process will then begin again, with the new Master in possession.  He & 5 of his brethren will attend another ‘host’ lodge within one month and so on…….

You can follow the Travelling Gavel here on the website and see who the current host Lodge is and, maybe where it will travel to next so that you can take part and witness the handover.

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