ABBA tribute band entertain

The Preston and Chorley TLC Appeal hosted another ABBA tribute night at Wellington Park, Leyland. Once again the tribute act “Forever” entertained all to their usual high standards. Several people joined in the fun of the event and dressed accordingly in

Pictured from left to right are: Bob olive, Sean Taylor, Kay Turner, Leanne Haslam, Emma Mills, Sean Taylor and Sharon Garside

Pictured from left to right are: Bob Olive, Kay Turner, Leanne Haslam, Emma Mills, Sean Taylor and Sharon Garside

70’s garb, especially the TLC Chairman Bob Olive and his partner Sharon along with Brian Haslam’s party. The best dressed table award this year, without doubt, went to Brian’s table and congratulations for winning and taking part go to them wholeheartedly.

There were over 100 revellers in the Balmoral room’ audience this year and each and every one had a fantastic time. Some danced on the dance floor whilst others simply foot tapped or clicked their fingers swaying to the music. There was a raffle on the evening which raised £181 for the appeal and through the sale of teddies and trinkets a further £68 was added. Thanks go to all.

What was amazing is that after playing at the event last year and enquiring about our cause, Jane one of the act who is also a young mother, stopped the show to make an announcement : It was shortly after last years show that her youngest child awoke in the small hours of the night with serious problems with her eyes. They attended Chorley Hospital as a family with their young children who were both upset at being disturbed in the night. Each child received a T.L.C. bear and things improved from then on. Jane and her family were extremely grateful and recognised the benefit of the appeal.


Pictured from left to right are: Sharon Garside and Bob Olive, Chairman of the Preston and Chorley TLC Appeal

We in turn were proud to have been of help and also to be seen as Freemasons working in our Community. Jane no doubt is just one of many concerned parents taking their child to A and E departments across the UK. The appeal has donated over 16,000 bears to both Preston and Chorley Children’s A and E departments since September 2010. How nice to have this feedback!!

The chairman of our informal committee would like to record his thanks to the committee members for their hard work. To name’ names is not his style but in his words, “the workers know who they are” and as ever “he is greatly appreciative of their efforts!”

The support from the lodges in the Preston, Chorley, Leyland and South Fylde Groups is much appreciated and with the support of others we continue work in our community as Freemasons.